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AS36174 BAPTISTHEALTH - Baptist Health System AS36175 MYFAM-DC1 - Myfamily.com, Inc. AS36169 TOTAL-CALL-INTERNATIONAL - Total Call International AS36170 WESTMONT-SB - Westmont College AS36171 LCML-AS1 - Lam Cloud Mgmt, LLCAS36172 MHCC-AS001 - MOUNT HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGEAS36173 KCI - Kinetic Concepts, Inc. AS35548 SMARTTERRA-AS smart TERRA Gmb H NL-AMS / DE-DUS1 / DE-DUS2AS35549 METRONET-AS Metronet telekomunikacije d.d. AS35551 ASSIMISIS-AS Assimisis AS35552 KOMMUNALKREDIT-AT-AS Kommunalkredit Austria AGAS35553 LUMENIS-AS Lumenis Ltd. AS35571 COMSERVICE-AS CJSC Multi Line AS35573 AVCOM-AS "AVCOM" d.o.o. AS35614 PPLEVIN-AS PP Levin Oleksandr Arkadiyovych AS35615 EURO1NET Advanced Data Services (Europe) Limited AS35616 SILVERNET-AS SILVERNET Ltd AS35617 DUEBITE-AS 2Bite ASNAS35618 WMGRUPPE-AS Herausgebergemeinschaft Wertpapier-Mitteilungen Keppler, Lehmann Gmb H & Co. AS35949 ALLSCRIPTS-BVT - Allscripts AS35950 VITNA-GSO - Volvo Group North America, Inc. AS35953 VIRTELA-NET-VCOENG1 Virtela Communications 5680 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Greenwood Village COAS35954 ULT-9-ROADNET - Roadnet Technologies, Inc. AS35568 AMWAJ-AS Nuetel Communications AS35569 PETERHOST-MOSCOW Concorde Ltd. AS35575 VAIONI Vaioni Group ASAS35576 IMNET-AS Impact Networks SRLAS35577 TUVINET-AS SC TUVINET SRLAS35578 EXECUTIVE-AS SC Executive Communications SRLAS35579 PERRIT-AS Page Link B. trading as Perrit AS35580 ECG-AS JSC "EUROCEMENT group"AS35581 SEASUNTEL Seasuntel, S. AS35584 MILLENNIUM-IT-AS Millennium IT SRLAS35588 LIS Telecompany Li S LTDAS35589 NIANET-AS-L3-CUST Nianet A/SAS35590 DUPONT-DE-AS Du Pont de Nemours (Deutschland) Gmbh AS35592 COOLHOUSING-AS COOLHOUSING Autonomous System AS35593 UNIWEB-AS Uni Web AS35594 TUTBY-AS Reliable Software AS35595 LSINET Len Stroy Inform Ltd ASAS35596 PGE-AS PGE Dystrybucja S. Odzial Rzeszow AS35597 IQUEST-AS IQUEST TECHNOLOGIES SRLAS35598 INETCOM INETCOM LLCAS35599 CHILD-ABUSE-BLOCK Net Clean Technologies Sweden ABAS35600 ASN-VEDEGE VEDEGE SASAS35601 ZEORK-AS PGE Dystrybucja S. AS35602 ZOL TOV Zaporizhya Online AS35603 BEKB BEKB Berner Kantonalbank AS35604 RO-M2M-AS M2M TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT SRLAS35605 ERICSSON-AS-ITALY Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson AS35607 COMPANO Compano B. AS35608 CIPNET-AS SC CIP NET CORPORATION SRLAS35609 ITP-AT Smart Force e U ASNAS35610 AIGPB Falcon Private Bank AGAS35611 GLOBALGARVE-AS Globalgarve - Cooperacao e Desenvolvimento S. AS35612 NGI-AS NGI Spa AS35613 NETDATCOMM Net Data Comm, s.r.o. AS35622 XPLOR-AS Xplor Network SRLAS35623 SLAN-AS Setevie Tehnologii LLCAS35624 SATTELECOM PE Sattelecom AS35625 ATE Avenir Telematique S. AS35946 ADEPTRA Adeptra Incorporated AS35947 SPIPE-ASN - Storagepipe Solutions Inc. AS35933 NELSON-HQ-AS - Nelson & Associates AS35934 REPUBLIC-SERVICES-INC - Republic Services Inc. AS35929 BLS - Bend-La Pine Schools AS35930 AXIOM-BGP - AXIOM AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

Bnet Computers SRLAS35006 CAMERA-AS Camera dei Deputati AS35007 MICONET-AS Miconet Sp. AS35009 ARKEMA ARKEMAAS35010 IPDEVEL-AS ENEA SERVICES ROMANIA S. AS35052 AS_AT_TLD_SERVICES Vienna University AS35053 PHADE-AS PHADE Software - Power Web AS35054 EQUINIX-CH-ASN Equinix (Switzerland) AGAS35056 FORTISAG-AS AG Insurance N. AS35058 DHD-AS der heisse draht Verlagsgesellschaft mb H & Co. AS35163 BRAUN-AS Procter & Gamble Service Gmb HAS35164 ISB ZAO Internet-solutions for business AS35165 ASWEBMAX Ltd. AS36201 B2X-ONLINE-WISP-ASN - B2X Online Inc AS36202 INTERN-NETAS - Certified Hosting AS36203 STELLAR-ASSOCIATION - Stellar Association, LLCAS36204 MOBILE-IRON - MOBILE IRON INCAS36205 PWC-MSLP-CAN-AS-001 - Pw C Management Services LPAS36206 CWCINET - Central Wisconsin Communications, Inc. AS36214 GENERAL-INFORMATICS - General Informatics, LLCAS36215 SLC-ASN1 - Sara Lee Corporation AS36216 PTS-PARSIPPANY - P. AS36266 SPL-ASN - Stonepeak Partners LPAS36267 LONGNET - Long Networking Inc AS36268 PSSWM4345 - PSS WORLD MEDICAL, Inc. AS36286 REDROCKCOLO1 - Red Rock Colo LLCAS36287 IIX-BNIIX-RS - IIX Corp.

AS35097 SCHEFER Schefer AG, Switzerland AS35098 MONITOR-AS Monitor Company AS35099 PORSCHE-SLOVENIA-AS Porsche Slovenija d.o.o. AS35106 MICROSOFT-LIVE-MEETING Microsoft Limited AS35107 WIMAX-AS 4G Solutions Gmb HAS35108 EXIGEN-LV AS Exigen Services Latvia AS35109 WEBMACHINE-TECH-AS Webmachine Technologies Austria Gmb HAS35110 REGIONE-BASILICATA-AS Regione Basilicata AS35112 COMNET-AS COMNET ITT Sp. AS35113 MORSE Daisy Data Centre Solutions Limited AS35114 GIUNTI-AS GIUNTI EDITORE Spa AS35115 BESTGOPL-AS BESTGO. AS35129 TETRATELEMATIK-AS LLC "Tetra-Telematik"AS35130 SFERANET-AS Sfera Networks s.r.l. AS35132 ENIVEST-AS Enivest ASAS35134 ALERT-AS Alert Communications Limited AS35135 LBANK-AS Bank of Lithuania AS35136 INOTEL-RO-AS Ino Tel Communications SRLAS35138 SMN-AS S. AS36298 INFOCISION - Info Cision Management Corporation AS36299 TUITION-MANAGEMENT-SYSTEMS - Tuition Management Systems, Inc. Charles AS36323 EZRI-36323 - Ezri Inc AS36324 VOSTROM-PUBLIC - VOSTROM Holdings, Inc.

AS35100 PATRIKWEB-CORE Patrik Lagerman WEBAS35101 PROXY-AS Teicee SARLAS35102 RSBANK-AS Join Stock Company "Russian Standard Bank"AS35104 KTC-AS AS JSC "Kaz Trans Com"AS35105 RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana - SOCIETA' PER AZIONI - RFI S. AS36300 PCSB-ASN - Pinellas County Schools AS36301 USJHSD-AS - Pagosa Mountain Hospital AS36302 AMSCOT-ASN - Amscot Corporation AS36303 NRCC - New River Community College AS36304 HPS-DTR-P-AS - Health Plan Systems Inc AS36305 AMTA-AS1 - The Albany Mutual Telephone Association AS36306 STANFORD-HOSPITAL - Stanford Hospital and Clinics AS36307 BUILDERSFIRSTSOURCE - BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE, INC. AS36325 NASDAQ-OMX-FTENNY2-AS36325 - THE NASDAQ OMX GROUP, INC.

A Granlund kommunikation ABAS35074 COBRANET-AS Cobranet Limited AS35076 NAME-SERVICE-AS Service-ASAS35078 CORVETTE-AS OJSC Rostelecom AS35079 T-GENEL-SIGORTA-AS Turkiye Genel Sigorta ASAS35080 OYAK-TELEKOM-AS VODAFONE NET ILETISIM HIZMETLERI A. AS35173 ACNET-AS Academinform JSCAS35174 NFB-AS Network For Business Sp. AS35176 SEARCHTECH Searchtech Limited AS35177 ASI-AS OJSC Rostelecom AS35178 TELART OOO "Grand-Telecom"AS35179 PROVIDER-WROCLAW Korbank sp. AS35180 HIPCOM-AS Hosted IP Communications (Europe) Limited AS35181 PWC Autonomous System Number for Public Ware House Company AS35182 TERABITS-AS TERABITS SIAAS35183 BTA-AS Bulgarian Telegraf Agency AS35184 GALOPTELECOM GALOP-TELECOMAS35185 KUVEYTTURK-ASN Kuveyt Turk Katilim Bankasi ASAS35186 PRIMORJE-SI-AS Primorje d.d. AS36272 ZBIDR - Ziff Brothers Investments, LLCAS36273 GWMC-AS1 - Globalive Wireless Management Corp. Kitts AS36291 RESTON-AS - Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. AS36314 CELL-SIGNALING-TECHNOLOGY - Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. AS36316 SHOREHAMTEL - Shoreham Telephone Company, Inc.

SAS35081 URS "KYIVSTAR" PJSCAS35082 VIBUS-AS Vibus AS35083 AHML-AS OJSC Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending AS35084 EUROCLEAR Euroclear NV/SAAS35085 ALLIT-AS All Information Technology SPRLAS35087 NTSI-AS NTSI Telecom Ltd AS35088 RAHYAB-AS Rahyab Rayaneh Gostar AS35089 AS35089 WB-Internet Limited AS35090 I-NETBOYS-AS Host3000 Ltd AS35091 TELEDATA-AS Teledata, Ghana AS35093 RO-HTPASSPORT High Tech Passport Ltd SUA California San Jose SUCURSALA BUCURESTI ROMANIAAS35094 PRONEA Pronea ASAS35096 ALEFNULA Alef Nula a.s. AS35116 INFOCASA-AS Info Casa Information Technologies S. AS35117 VERIVOX-AS Verivox Gmb H, Frankfurt, Germany AS35120 DOT-COMMERCE-AS Dot Commerce Impex SRLAS35121 WEBKOM Patrik Olsson AS35122 SATNET-AS Sat Net Ltd AS35123 MITEL-AS VAT Podilska telephone company 'Mitel'AS35124 INFINITE-AS Infinite sp. AS35125 SMOLENSK-AS OJSC Rostelecom AS35126 UKE-AS Urzad Komunikacji Elektronicznej AS35128 HPB-AS Hrvatska Postanska Banka d.d. AS35187 PCT-AS AS of Polskie Centrum Teleinformatyki S. AS35189 ASSOKAZAR-AS Association Kazar Network AS35190 HTC-ROMANIAN-BACKBONE Magyar Telekom, Romaniai gerinchalozat AS35191 ASTA-NET ASTA-NET ASTA GROUP Sp. AS36274 ERIC-ATLANTADC - Ericsson Business Communications, Inc. AS36292 SCC-NY-01 - Second Curve Capital, LLCAS36293 NHVAS - North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District AS36294 WINFIELD-WIRELESS - Clark County Computer Connections AS36295 FLORIDA-HIGH-SPEED-INTERNET - Florida High Speed Internet AS36296 DA-YPO - YOUNG PRESIDENTS ORGANIZATION, INCAS36297 DHI-COMPUTING-INTERNET - DHI Computing Service, Inc. AS36317 TOLL-GIBR - TOLL BROTHERS INCAS36318 BNC-ASN - Baynorth Capital, LLCAS36319 ENWHC - North Shore University Health System AS36320 CLIPPERNAVIGATIONASN - Clipper Vacations AS36321 SPARKART-1 - Sparkart LLCAS36322 ASN-COSCIL - City of St.

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