Who is edie falco dating

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She has a sister and two brothers, all of whom still live on Long Island.One brother runs a picture-framing shop, and her sister works for an interior designer. I got to play all the 90-year-old ladies with blackened teeth.' But Edie Falco isn't interested in decorating the screen - she wants to inhabit her characters.'I'm an almost embarrassingly big fan of Meryl Streep,' she admits.

There's usually a lot of drugs and alcohol in the picture. I smoked and smoked and smoked.' On the day she decided to quit, she smoked a final cigarette before midnight, and ran the half-full pack under the tap.Before Carmela, she was in a steady relationship, but she felt that, as an actress, she'd been left on the shelf.Now that she's a successful actress, she's single.'All of a sudden, maybe five years ago,' she says, 'I became aware of all the children around, the women pushing baby carriages.Carmela, the long-suffering wife of Tony Soprano, a New Jersey mob boss, is typically heavily made-up, jewelled and pampered - she's a queen of suburbia.Falco, on the other hand, is a faintly bohemian, rather thoughtful woman of 37.

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