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Basically, when i start either to seed or download a torrent, it down not download and when i click on the torrent and click on the tab saying 'Trackers' , it says the tracker announce thing will update in....and it is in constantly 'updating' Is always counts down from like 30minutes and announces to whatever tracker i'm seeding or downloading from but all of a sudden it just constantly updates. Download the latest version of utorrent and see if you still have the same problem.

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Otherwise you can leave it as it is because by default utorrent clients automatically updates list of torrent trackers.

Bit Torrent is a peer-to-peer protocol widely used for file sharing.

The major pro in a P2P protocol is that, since it is based on a distributed network , we can fetch the files from original person who shared the files and grab small chunks of data from other downloaders who have downloaded same files which in turn increases the rate of download.

-Zero Leacher: Your “left to download” stat is always reported to tracker as 100%, So that says you didn’t download anything.

-No Corrupt: Your “downloaded corrupt file-parts” stat isn’t reported to tracker (always zero), If you didn’t download anything, how come you downloaded something corrupt?!

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