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Jang Jae Yeol and Ji Hye Soo just look so natural ,,, they had their own chemistry that was so great can't forget it !!!!!!!!!! just like the other usual , normal couple , they're not awkward at all just looks very , no , too natural for that .. when I watch Korean drama, after the last episode, I'll watch another Korean drama.However after some episodes, the amount of laughter and tears I had were uncontrollable. Even today the actors are amazing friends with each other. This is not your typical "Oh my GOD the actor is so cute!!! The maturity of the characters and how they handled the problem was so realistic. I love how logical and how real the characters and the storyline were. I also want to have a friends like them that will never leave each other no matter what happens. When I go to this drama, the scene when jang ja yeol want to let hang kang woo go its so heartbreaking. This drama will change your perception about mental ilness. the OST for this drama is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. Soundtrack, OK-- Trying to have a Carribean/ Manhattan mode on the music here, so trying to make the atmosphere light, thou it's a heavy topic actually... Thou Im not really fan of Kong Hyo Jin, she looks old already, very far from her age, hehehe... I too would have liked to have seen the relationship blossom and grow instead of the problems and seriousness of the mental health problems, as the series went on. I watched all the episodes without skipping any scenes. Kong Hyo Jin, Cho In Sung, Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo, Do Kyungsoo thanks for deliver good act like that, I hope I can see this team up in the next drama or movie. Secret Garden is daebak and all but it was kinda boring sometimes it wasn't exactly funny enough for you to laugh your ass out like you would for this drama. I hope Kong Hyo-Jin and Zo In- Sung would star again together in another remarkable drama. Thank you for giving us such a good drama like this, this is well written drama, good PD, good writer, good cast of course. I have never seen such an amazing drama like this one. She chose psychiatry because she doesn't want to perform surgeries. I read all reviews here and i got curious because they always say that this is a perfection and has no negative reviews. I actually dont put reviews here but i can’t help myself. For those who are hesitating to watch this drama, i am telling you this will never waste ur time. The OST used were all addicting and i add all of them to my playlist. I will repeatedly watch it as if it is my first time. The story And acting of each cast are really awesome. One of the best chemistry i’ve seen in kdrama or should i say #1. Love the concept about neuropsychiatry and the lessons about overcoming personal struggles and acceptance. Conversely there was too much emphasis on the Kang woo character who didn't add much, almost as if they persisted with it to keep the actor in all the episodes. as an example it is played when she leaves his apartment after sleeping on the floor, in episode 4. I need to remind people who comments about gong hyo jin brought up about ex girl friends again and again, that was in my opinion the detail about her sickness. She cannot trust man, with she accepting jo in sung so fast I think its natural for people who has trust issue to brought up such things (ex girl friend) over and over. Ji Hae-Soo is going through her first year fellowship in psychiatry at a University Hospital. Thank you to the cast, from the writer to thw director to the actors themselves for giving us something worthwhile and perfect like this, a great script, spectacular directing to amazing acting and onscreen chemistry. Zo In Sung and Kong Hyo Jin's chemistry is absolutely fun to watch. Excellent drama Though its late, i just finished watching this drama and i should say that it has been added on my fave series list. I have done watching kdramas from 2010 up to present (2017) all those dramas are good most specially Goblin, W and my love from the star.,etc but I can't find new or other kdrama that can replace this as my #1. Gong Hyo Jin hmm never doubt about her acting since Sang Doo! And now this :) well, I will watch Producers soon he3. It is deffinitely not a regular lame romance; the storyline was amazing and please do listen to Hero by Family of the year but you will notice it as you watch the show anyway :) And of course.. The actors playing Dong-min and Jae-bum did a great job in making the drama more than a romance and were very good. First i heard exo chen's ost and hesitated watching drama. Just if the viewers allow them self watching the drama with open mind without judging the character negatively just because of their bad attitude, they will get to "SEE" one of the FINEST kdrama ever. My smart phone ID's it as 'I love a party' but that is not the same music.. They are the same just like us but the difference is they are sick I love their conversation, how they talked about life or how judgmental people are.If you dropped this drama in the first three episodes, I honestly feel sorry for you, cause you are missing out on a extremely good drama, yes it's a bit slow paced at first, but it's only because they want you to get to know the characters and their stories, it not a drama where they rush everything and you don't know what is going on and then it's over. My only deduction in grade for the series was because of the murder and very serious mental health issues. I enjoyed the music and acting and most of the story, but wish Ji Hae-Soo could make up her mind and forget about ex girlfriends. I wish it would have stayed "light" as the movie refers, throughout the entire series.

The show maybe did show me shows perhaps society does care about people like me.I took my daughter to the park today, and had the music playing on my i Phone and really wanted to restart the series again, even though I just finished it yesterday. All casts were good., they look so natural., they act naturally, they shout, quarrel, nag naturally..If you haven't seen this series yet, it is probably one of the best Korean series one can watch to date. As if you are just with them inside your house In spite of the fact that I did not like GHJ in this drama, I have to confess It's ok, This is Love is one of the best and well made K-dramas to date.The music elevated the mood immediately after the series would enter a "dark" moment, but in reality the movie stayed 90 percent light, and just 10 percent dark.(Though it did address some very serious mental conditions.) I would have liked to have seen the two main characters progress to an adult relationship instead of arguing constantly (usually started by Kong Hyo-Jin's character) over past girlfriends or relationships.

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