Nude judo

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That was the public version, in private, he confessed that it happened when his wife brought some potted plants indoors after they had been out on the patio all day.

A friendly garter snake had hidden in one of the pots, and later slithered out across the floor, and the wife spotted it.

Then halfway through the five-minute regulation period, the end came in a blink. Roommate Ariel Hsing didn't medal, but she fared well in another event that isn't usually kind to Americans.

Long before she hit it big in MMA and posed nude for ESPN magazine, Ronda Rousey was a brash young judo phenom with a penchant for armbars.“Maw woke up Paw at three in the morning,” he explained, “because she heard a noise in the hen house. He pointed it at the hen house and waited for something to happen. Our old hound dog came up behind Paw with his cold nose, and we’ve been cleaning chickens ever since.” Chronicle column.In that telling a woman spotted a leak under the kitchen sink and called her husband out of the shower, as she thought there might be some connection between the two water lines.“I was in the bathtub when I heard her scream,” he related.“I thought she was being murdered, so I jumped out of the tub, and ran to help her.

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