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This line is one of the ones I crowdsourced, and one that you’ll want to be really careful with. However, with the right person, this line can be fun because with the actions you’re doing, you can draw it out a bit.She’s looking at you, trying to figure out what you are doing but knowing there’s probably going to be a payoff.

However, that reaction might be horror and outrage, so use this one wisely. Many women say a sense of humor is among the ideal characteristics of a possible mate.

Plus, she’ll do some quick calculations to figure out what you mean. When she finally does figure it out, give her a big smile and laugh.

She might think her tag is out and you’re being a gentleman and tucking it back in for her.

After you touch her and nothing happens, she’s wondering what’s up. It’s just so silly that a lot of women probably can’t help laughing. Puppy dogs, Nicholas Sparks movies, and giggly babies often trigger that nurturing and caring aspect, so why not feed into that by giving her a cute pick-up line?

These work because, shucks, it’s just too difficult to get annoyed with you when you’re just so gosh darn cute! When you start this one, she might think you’re trying to strike up a conversation on the benefits of Jersey or Pima cotton. When the last part of it comes out, she’ll realize you’ve played her a bit. The first question actually sounds like a normal question you could ask someone, so their guard isn’t expecting it to be a pick-up line, and as “keeper” has two meanings, it’s clever as well.

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