Colombian dating marriage

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Having taken place for around 15 years, the mainstream event has spawned others such as Jazz at the Park, Salsa at the Park and Ballet at the Park.

It`s clear that when in Bogota, the park is the place to be entertained!

Head over to Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar and have some fun with the music, dance and costume both during the carnival and on the run-up in July.

If you fancy a hot drink, then order made from agua de panela, cinnamon and aguardiente. For a trendy night out try Salto del Angelawhere you can drink beer, watch sport on the screens and enjoy lively salsa dancing.

Other popular Bogota restaurants include Criterion  for French food, Wabisabi  for sushi and Astrid y Gaston for a Peruvian Restaurant. Bogota is a vigorous place that will inspire the senses and spoil you for choice in the entertainment stakes.

With over 40 theaters there`s likely to be a performance on every night of the week during your stay.

Bogotans eat a traditional Colombian diet that includes milk-based breakfast soup (cake made from curd).

The best restaurants in Bogota can be found in the districts of La Candelaria, International Center and the G Zone.

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