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We find that John was witnessing in vision the crucial events: Thus, when Christ said throughout the book that his return from heaven was to occur very quickly, those statements have to be interpreted within the time period near the Day of the Lord.If this is the way Revelation is to be understood, then the events must be reckoned as allegorical and prophetic without reference to any past historical events or chronological time periods. If one looks at the traditional evidence that comes to us from the middle 2nd century and shortly afterward, one has to date the composition of the Book of Revelation to the last decade of the 1st century.E.62 was alive with the imminent expectation of the Kingdom of God on earth. This is because the book presents, in a profound way, the nearness of the Second Advent. Or, if one thinks John was talking about the rulers of Jerusalem rather than Rome (since it is clear that Johns Mystery Babylon was Jerusalem), it could reasonably be suggested that Herod the Great was the first king of the prophecy and that Agrippa the Second was the sixth. E., just before the end-time events were expected to occur.

E., the Book of Revelation has no chronological or historical relevance in its message as far as the 1st century is concerned.

It is well recognized that even the Gospel of John, from beginning to end, is never flattering to the Jews. Another reason for suggesting an early writing is the mention that some heretics were calling themselves apostles (Revelation 2:2).

Indeed, the Book of Barnabas, which was written near the end of the 1st century by a Jewish/Christian, was decidedly anti-Jewish in its themes.

For one, it was essential that each apostle had to have seen Christ (1 Corinthians 9:1) and there had to be many miraculous signs associated with their ministries (2 Corinthians ). If one will observe closely the historical features that seem to be found in the book, one has to look within the emperorship of Nero or the rule of King Agrippa the Second to find such occurrences.

So the references in the Book of Revelation that people were still desiring to be identified with Jews is evidence a post-70 C. To imagine that one could be an apostle like the original ones selected by Christ was seldom, if ever, imposed upon the Christian community after 70 C. This is because there were special New Testament requirements to become an apostle that later people had no hope of meeting.

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